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Remodeling or, where the heck did all our money go?

10:47 AM by Eric: Remodeling or, where the heck did all our money go? Personal

Another expensive weekend: we bookended it by purchasing a new bed (Friday night) and new garage doors (Sunday night), and somewhere in between we put up the moulding in the guest room (which was at least cheap; 43¢ per linear foot). The new garage doors in particular will give the front of the house a much-needed facelift (as well as alleviating our fears that at some point the garage door will just collapse onto the car as we pull in or out). I'm sure all of you planning on visiting us will be glad to know that you can now select from a queen size bed, a futon, or the couch for your sleeping accommodations. :)

Unfortunately, I developed a low to mid-grade case of whatever Jen's had, which is moderately annoying. I'm home sick this afternoon so I don't infect my coworkers. Will probably sleep a lot. :-P

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